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August 2011

Tang Soo Do World Championships

11th to 14th August 2011


Master Kumar and the EMTF are proud to announce that the World Tang Soo Do Championships 2011 successfully took place at Disney World, Orlando Florida.

It was attended by Tang Soo Do Practitioners and Grandmasters from all over the globe and had the largest number of Tang Soo Do Masters ever to attend a TSD event at the same time.

It was a long, hard fought, but enjoyable competition for all. With a high standard of Hyungs, Sparring, Weapons and Demonstrations from various Tang Soo Do schools from all over the world.

And for the first time it was aired live on the Internet.

Many Thanks to the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association for hosting the event, and to all who attended for making it both a successful and a landmark event.

Well Done To All Who Took Part!

Tang Soo!


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