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  The Eight Key Concepts

1. Yong Gi
2. Chung Shin Tong Il
3. In Neh
4. Chung Jik
5. Kyum Son
6. Him Cho Chung
7. Shin Chook
8. Wan Gup

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Procedure for Gup Gradings

All testing will be done under the banner of Traditional Tang Soo Do Association (TTSDA).
All Gradings will conform with the rules and regulations of the TTSDA.
All Dan members and 1st Gup members should attend the Grading, whether they may be Grading or not.
All testing fees are not returnable.

Grading request forms are to be clear and concise. They must be checked by the Instructor and signed. The Grading request form should be forwarded to the Chief Instructor, together with the following:- The TTSDA will have final approval on all grading recommendations. If for any reason a recommendation is rejected the instructor will be notified immediately.

Upon the approval and attainment of a sufficient overall pass mark, the TTSDA will issue a Promotional Certificate.

Pass mark percentages and grades are as below:-

40% or less -Fail
40 - 50% - Retest in 4 weeks
50 - 70% -Pass
70 - 80% -Good Pass
80 - 90% -Excellent *
90% or more Instant double grade

At the Excellent pass mark, member may be awarded a Double Grade at the discretion of the Chief Instructor. Double Grade is only attainable up to 6th Gup.

A breakdown of the individuals Grading performance is available upon written request.

Minimum time requirements between Gradings. This applies only to those members training weekly. Members training irregularly will have extended time periods, these will be determined by the Club Instructors.

10th - 6th Gup - 3 months
5th - 3rd Gup - 4 months - minimum of 2 classes per week
2rd - 1st Gup - 6 months - minimum of 2 classes per week
1st Gup - 1st Dan - 12 months - minimum of 3 classes per week
1st Dan Senior - 1st Dan 12 months minimum of 3 classes per week
1st Dan Senior - 2nd Dan - 12 months minimum of 3 classes per week
2nd Dan - 3rd Dan 3 Years minimum of 3 classes per week

Both Gup and Dan testing will follow a uniform format in keeping with the policies of the TTSDA. Gradings will be run with the highest Tang Soo Do tradition by the instructor, Examiners, students and families supporting the event. Respect for the art by students must be stressed at all times.

Order of Grading will be at the direction of the Chief Instructor.

All students must arrive early for the Grading and report to the senior Instructor 10 minutes before the Grading. Ensuring visits to the toilet take place before your Grading.

All Dan and 1st Gup members will be required for the duration of the Grading.

The Grading will start with the routine class procedures and all members in the hall will participate.

The class will consist of the following:-

- Introduction by the Chief Instructor
- Warm up-one of the Dan grades to lead the class, the remaining seniors to assist
- General knowledge and terminology test if required
- Basic (Ki Cho) techniques - hands - legs
- Hyungs
- Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun
- Jae Yu Dae Ryun
- Kyuk Pa

All 2nd Gup, 1st Gup and Dan grades testing will be required to report in to sit the formal written examination at least one hour prior to their grading.

In the presence of our guests, all members will sit quietly, with legs crossed until requested to perform any techniques.

All students Grading will be instructed to answer "Yes, Sir", "No, Sir", during the Grading.

At the conclusion of the Grading the Chief Instructor may present a brief review of the Grading if appropriate. The graded members will be asked to leave the hall, quickly, quietly and with correct Tang Soo Do decorum.

GUP - Approximately one week after the grading, the instructor will present the certificate and belt in a formal ceremony during a normal class.

DAN - The results will be revealed by the Chief Instructor one to two weeks after the Grading. The Certificate, Dan belt, Identity Card and Dan Do Bok will be presented at the next Grading session during a formal presentation by the Chief Instructor.

Chilli powder will only be used in ceremony for those members who have been promoted to Dan grades. Exception to this will only be granted by the Chief Instructor.

As students progress in their skill the instructor will divide the class into groups, to ensure proper training. Gradings are a necessary part of the martial arts instruction because it motivates students to reach higher levels of skill. The Associations primary function is to set up high standards for training and testing and to certify the results.

Step by step testing is a traditional procedure for officially promoting students and as they pass each stage their skill, confidence and discipline improves. With the modern martial arts and the training offered to the general public, the Master-pupil relationship has had to be classified. This has resulted in our present grading structure and its nine gup grades.

"The passage of time alone does not qualify a student for testing" Anon.

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