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  The Eight Key Concepts

1. Yong Gi
2. Chung Shin Tong Il
3. In Neh
4. Chung Jik
5. Kyum Son
6. Him Cho Chung
7. Shin Chook
8. Wan Gup

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Welcome to the New CNTTSDA News Journal

Here you can read articles by CNTTSDA Members, and News of Tang Soo Do events.

Latest Features

SMarrocco 3rd Dan Thesis

October 2011

"The Concept, Its Pursuit and Application"
3rd Dan Thesis by Mr S Marrocco

MLoades 3rd Dan Thesis

September 2011

Jumping Kick Techniques
"Their Uses, Benefits and Limitations"
3rd Dan Thesis by Mr M Loades

World Championships

August 2011

The World Tang Soo Do Championships 2011
"An Historic Event"

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