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October 2011

The Concept, Its Pursuit and Application

By Mr S Marrocco. (3rd Dan Thesis - February 2011)

A look at what defines perfection, how the pursuit of perfection is ingrained in the practice and philosophy of Tang Soo Do and the effects the application of this philosophy has.

Submitted for consideration prior to grading in accordance with 2nd Dan to 3rd Dan grading requirements of the TTSDA.

The Concept

In understanding the concept it is important to look firstly at what is considered to constitute perfection and the different viewpoints surrounding this. We start with a definition of perfection from Merriam-Webster:

Perfection: Freedom from fault or defect; Maturity; An unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence.

This demonstrates the traditional or classical view of perfection; a level that once reached leaves no possible scope for improvement. The implication of this viewpoint is that the possibility of reaching this level exists and that it can or has been attained. It is here that the logical viewpoint contradicts the classical in that although both agree on the essence of perfection; the logical viewpoint is that it is not feasible to attain it.


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