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September 2011

Tang Soo Do Jumping Kick Techniques
Their Uses, Benefits and Limitations

By Mr M Loades. (3rd Dan Thesis - March 2010)

Submitted for consideration prior to grading in accordance with 2nd Dan to 3rd Dan grading requirements of the TTSDA.


I am a 2nd Dan Tang Soo Do practitioner and I have been training since I was fifteen years old with the Traditional Tang Soo Do Association. However, my interest in martial arts began much earlier than this, primarily in films portraying the more exotic, showy side of martial arts. As a big fan of martial arts movies the likes of Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen provided hours of entertainment.

When I began training in Tang Soo Do I was lucky enough to find that I was able to learn some of the same martial arts techniques, and gain an understanding of how they can be executed along with their effects. I was thrilled at being able to try out the jumping kicks and combinations, some that were included in the Tang Soo Do syllabus and some that were not. In my opinion that will always be the best part of Tang Soo Do; the open mindedness of its practitioners to have the ability to practice and incorporate skills, techniques and ideas from many other martial arts, whether they are closely associated with Tang Soo Do or not.


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